Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poppy Love (painting on glass)

I love my poppies. I've decided to paint these flowers and other favorite blooms for a while, along with a few sunsets. They're soothing to paint once I get past the frustrating items.

Seeing poppies in bloom is such fun for me. They appear to be a mass of one color, but then I go up to them and see that they are many shades and hues of that color. When the sun hits a petal, that can bring out even more surprising tones. And the centers of the flowers are amazing, a web of pistils and stamens just waiting to tempt the next winged insect in to aid in repopulating the garden. The seed pods are just plain fun to look at and play with.

Go enjoy your blooms today!

A close up of this painting is also at "works/glass paintings".

"Poppy Love", 8"x15" edge to edge glass, framed in black, $360 + $14.95 domestic shipping; go to "works/glass paintings", click on Paypal, or contact me for more information

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dusk in Montepulciano (painting on glass)

I guess it can sound almost obnoxious, "when I was last in Italy", but, when I was last in Italy, my husband and I stayed in Montepulciano, a small town in Tuscany, and a wine producing mainstay. The small bed and breakfast in which we stayed overlooked the town, since we were on the top floor and it is a hill town, so at dusk I went outside with my ever handy camera to photograph the sunset. Lo and behold, the rooftops and houses themselves were as intriguing as the sunset!

Red roofs dot Tuscany. Simply built houses fill the towns. The hill rock and roll, filled with vineyards and olive trees. Of course, the best time of the year for me is when the red poppies are in bloom. They are my favorite flower to paint.

Go there. See it. If you can't make it there, then enjoy my tour for yourself. I relive it when I paint it. That's fun!

(Two close ups of this painting are available at my website, Go to "Works", glass paintings, then three views are together for your perusal.) "Dusk in Montepulciano", 16"x20" edge to edge glass, framed in black with gold lip, $14.95 shipping domestically, Paypal at (works/glass paintings)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Great Gash (Grand Canyon), painting on glass

I don't know who called the Grand Canyon the Great Gash, but my husband told me that quip a long time ago. It really does look like someone went at that part of Earth with a fury and split it apart.

Doing what I enjoy most, I have taken my artistic license and simplified it and intensified the colors. Reds and oranges warm up the scene and, since this is Arizona, it does get hot!

Have fun with the travels, art and otherwise!

"The Great Gash (Grand Canyon)", painting on glass, framed in black with gold lip,11"x14" glass edge to edge, $450 + $14.95 s&h domestically, go to www.Karla and click on "works, glass paintings", Paypal or contact at for more information

Monday, July 28, 2008

Santa Fe Windowbox (painting on glass)

I return again to Santa Fe. Strolling down Canyon Road, I spot a lovely window, turquoise trimmed, featuring a box laden with flowers. Now this is my kind of painting -- adobe and flowers! I love both so much, I had to paint this scene. I have done that in oil and pastel. Here is the scene painted onto glass.

As I mentioned in my last post, painting onto glass is a difficult task. (Say that ten times quickly, it's hard to do, also!) I must say that I enjoy the fruits of my labor ultimately, but during the process I ask myself, "have you lost your mind, Karla? This is a pain in the 'tuchas', there are easier things to do!" Still, it is such an unusual artwork to see. A fellow artist was wise to remind me -- it's not the easiest thing to view on a screen, much better in person, as the photograph of the creation doesn't show the luminosity, the glow, nearly as well as viewing the real thing. Please do keep this in mind as you look!

Enjoy your show! See you tomorrow!

"Santa Fe Windowbox", painting on glass, 11"x14" edge to edge glass, framed as shown, Paypal accepted plus domestic shipping of $14.95 (go to "Works"/glass paintings)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drama! (painting on glass)


Quite the title, huh? Drama! Well, that's how it is in these parts with some of the sunsets over the Rocky Mountains (also known as the Backbone of the Continent!).

Isn't red just the most dramatic color in a sunset? It almost seems exaggerated when in a painting, but believe me, I've seen lots of shades of reds and oranges in them around here. Not every evening is dramatic, however. I find that the November evenings show the most drama. Maybe it's the time change, but I'm just more aware of them at that time of year.

Are you enjoying these paintings on glass? As I mentioned in my last blog, I don't always enjoy painting them. I find them to be somewhat anal and tedious at times. My personality is such that I move very quickly, multi-tasking to three things at once many times. Motherhood may have provoked that way of living, but I think it's a natural for me. I have been diagnosed with ADD and I'm proud of it -- think of the creativity associated with that diagnosis! Even Winston Churchill painted...and he was believed to have had ADD. The brain can do funky things to you -- best to dwell on the positive aspects, in this case creativity.
Must go, see you on Monday. (go to "Works" glass paintings, Paypal accepted, $14.95 shipping domestically, 12"x12" edge to edge glass, framed as shown, black frame, gold lip)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Santa Fe Mailboxes (painting on glass)

Here are the happiest mailboxes I've ever seen! They are in one of my favorite spots for the past 35 years, Santa Fe. I don't get down there that much these days, but I do enjoy it when I do. I remember eating blue corn tortilla enchiladas years ago at Jose's Casa de la Comida but that cafe's gone now. Life does trudge on, doesn't it?

These mailboxes just grabbed me a couple of years ago when I was down there with my husband. Color, color, color! Can't get enough of it!

This glass painting process is something else, I must tell you. Very, very trying. I have mixed emotions about it while I'm in the middle of painting -- can't even see the finished product until the next day, as the liquids glide all around the surface. The medium controls me, not the other way around.

I honestly hope you are enjoying these paintings. I am (most of time). (go to "works"/glass paintings/ 11"x14" measured from end to end of glass, framed as is, black with gold lip; $425 + domestic shipping, Paypal

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Papaveri (painting on glass)

Papaveri. Coquelicot. Poppy.

(Italy. France. U.S.A.)

What happy names for cheerful flowers!

Red. Orange. Yellow. Even blue. What bright colors for these amazing little blooms. The blue is a Himalayan poppy, hard to grow in these parts. However, the reds and oranges are commonly seen around Fort Collins. The orange and yellows are reminiscent of California.

No matter what the color, these lovely flowers make me smile. I love, love, love to paint them. Don't forget: "Earth laughs in flowers!"

"Papaveri", painting on glass, 10"x20" (measured by glass edges) frame as shown,

$650 plus shipping to be calculated domestically (go to "Works", "glass paintings", Paypal available)

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Winter Twilight", painting on glass

Okay, hard to believe that I'm featuring a "winter" painting. But it has been so hot here, almost 100 degrees, that I actually enjoy the thought of it being cold! Go figure!

I noticed a serene twilight last winter while driving home from grocery shopping. It stayed with me, in my thoughts, the entire evening. There is something about just before darkness that is so soothing to me. The day has to end. I need to take time to appreciate it. Here it is.

The glass is painted on the reverse side, although I almost never think of it as "reverse glass painting". That must be totally different. I've seen that on antique lamps. This is more modern, more contemporary, in my mind. It's difficult to attain the correct colors. The medium truly controls me. I hope you enjoy this. Let me know.

Sold as shown in black frame, gold lip. 11"x14" measured on glass edges and available at (glass paintings) Paypal available with $14.95 shipping domestically

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'll Always Love Italy! (painting on glass)

I would like to introduce you to something new for me. My husband and I were travelling in Italy a while back and we discovered some spectacular artwork in Tuscany. I was so inspired and, dare I say, awed by it, I decided to bring the technique home and apply my very own topics which I enjoy painting so much to this technique.

These are paintings on glass. I use several different types of specialty paints developed to adhere to glass and are formulated to be highly UV lightfast. I researched these techniques and experimented constantly. These artworks are reminiscent of stained glass panels but I do not want to be anyone but myself, so I never trace photographs or patterns for these paintings, but rather I draw upon my own memories and references and freehand draw these artworks.

Color has always been of primary importance to me and these creations are saturated with color. I feel that color influences emotions and hopefully lifts them. I derive great joy from creating these paintings on glass, but find them to be more difficult to produce than either oil paintings or soft pastel paintings, far more tedious and difficult to control.

Please, let me know your opinions of these creations. My plans are to sell them framed for now in simple black frames with gold lips, so that the paintings are not overwhelmed by the frames, but complemented by them. And I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey of my new adventures!

"I'll Always Love Italy!", 12"x16" (measured along edges of glass), framed in black frame, gold lip; call 970-225-0025 or write for further information,

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Have you ever noticed how clouds drift through the sky at dusk? I have and this is my presentation of that action. As you must know by now, sunsets are my favorite subjects to paint.

However, I am also onto something brand new and I invite you to keep tuned to this blog! I hope to unveil a new type of painting for me on this blog....I am offering these paintings as framed items, as they are ON glass, not just UNDER glass, so I have put them into some basic black frames with gold lips....I was inspired by an Italian master on a recent trip to Italy and took the dive into this new medium for me. Please send me your thoughts....I'll unveil them on Monday!

Meanwhile, back to this post. "Travelling" is 18"x36", oil with palette knife, on gallery wrapped canvas and is available for $870. Click on "Works/Skies" and buy directly from Paypal -- or order as a print at The original painting need not be framed!
Thanks for viewing! See you soon.

Another Torrid Sunset

Living in Colorado has tremendous perks when it comes to artwork. The natural beauty of the state is stupendous and I am fortunate enough to live in northern Colorado, right next to the foothills.

As I walk out in the evening to view the sunset, I am amazed at how lovely it usually is, but also at how quickly it appears and then leaves. Capturing any part of it can be difficult; I am compelled to refer to photographs but usually end up changing them rather rapidly -- I am the Great Editor for a brief time!

This sunset, as I recall, was during a hot summer night -- the temperature at nighttime usually drops 20-30 degrees, but I remember being unsure about this night. It wasn't a sure thing that we'd have such a good one! What do you think? I was very pleased with that evening's works.

"Another Torrid Sunset", 9"x12", pastel, sold unframed,
"Works/Skies" (Paypal) or
Contact Karla at or 970-225-0025

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Billowing Dusk

Occasionally I just see the most sumptuous sunsets over the Rockies. This is an example of one of them. When I paint with oil paints I use a palette knife throughout the artwork. Brushes and I do not agree on anything; they make mud, I usually don't want mud! The colors in the sky vary. I don't think it's such a seasonal thing, just Nature working magic. This is the most serene time of the day for me. It's work, hurry, go, plan, quick...all day long, just as everyone does. Then, get home, go outside, avoid mosquitoes, sink back into a better frame of mind, maybe a glass of wine....You get the gist!

This painting, "Billowing Dusk" is 12"x9, oil on canvas panel, sold unframed and costs only $220.00. Not too bad for these tough economic times, huh? Call me at 970-225-0025, e-mail me at or through my website, (go to "Works"/Skies and buy through Paypal) or at


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