Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poppy Love (painting on glass)

I love my poppies. I've decided to paint these flowers and other favorite blooms for a while, along with a few sunsets. They're soothing to paint once I get past the frustrating items.

Seeing poppies in bloom is such fun for me. They appear to be a mass of one color, but then I go up to them and see that they are many shades and hues of that color. When the sun hits a petal, that can bring out even more surprising tones. And the centers of the flowers are amazing, a web of pistils and stamens just waiting to tempt the next winged insect in to aid in repopulating the garden. The seed pods are just plain fun to look at and play with.

Go enjoy your blooms today!

A close up of this painting is also at "works/glass paintings".

"Poppy Love", 8"x15" edge to edge glass, framed in black, $360 + $14.95 domestic shipping; go to "works/glass paintings", click on Paypal, or contact me for more information

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