Friday, August 1, 2008

"First Spring Pansies" (painting on glass)

Pansies are truly the harbinger of spring. They can even bloom in fall and winter. Hardy little fellows!

Here's my take on pansy painting: It's hard! Because the petals can get into awkward positions, it can be difficult to follow the folds and lines of the blooms. But the color selection is a hoot! You can go absolutely wild with the hues, even make them up, because there are such wide varieties.

I'm finding that in this intense heat, mid-90s and upward, I'm having to replace the poor pansies. There's something rotten about having to pull out a half-dead plant and put in something new, bright, and cheerier. Guilt, I suppose. I had high hopes, as I do each spring, of the pansies carrying on through fall. Oh well, maybe next year!

Have a grand weekend!

"First Spring Pansies", 9"x12" edge to edge glass, sold framed in black with gold lip, available at ("Works"/glass paintings, Paypal, $325 + $14.95 domestic shipping)


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