Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Pansies, painting on glass

Pansies are just delightful flowers. Although close to impossible to paint, at least for me, the colors are vibrant or subtle, but never dull. They spring back to life in the fall, having endured the summer heat, but are often better replaced then.

Many people think of pansies in shades of purples or blues. I have seen them in hues of oranges and yellows and whites and almost black. I feel it is incumbent upon me, being the colorist (so I'm told) to add a bit of zip that Nature seemed to remember in the bougainvillea but sort of skipped over with pansies. Call it artistic license, if you will!

Have a grand day!

"Happy Pansies", 9"x12" measured edge to edge glass, framed as shown in black, $325 plus $14.95 shipping domestically


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