Thursday, August 21, 2008

Red Pear Trio, original pastel

It's almost pear time! Yaay! You may be aware of my favorite color, red. Well, one of my favorite fruits comes in that color. Hence, this painting.

Pastel is my original favorite medium. I was so influenced by Degas a child, I had to play with the pastel sticks when I first tried artwork. The softness and silkiness and creaminess, butter in your hands, drew me in. And the variety of colors! You can own millions of pastel sticks and with so many different manufacturers around the world, get every shade and hue of the rainbow.

Doesn't this just make you hungry? Enjoy your red pears today!

"Red Pear Trio", 11"x14", original pastel sold unframed for $300 + $14.95 shipping domestically

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