Friday, August 29, 2008

Tulip Bouquet, painting on glass

Okay, now I'm in the wrong season, floristically speaking (is that a word?????). Tulips show up in spring, but I felt like painting them anyway.

Frankly, tulips scare me a bit. They have such simple lines, that it's easy to mess up painting them. I gave it the might try, however, and had fun...I do like their droopiness when fully open and their tight buds....All in all, I enjoyed this experience, I'd say! See you next week.

Sunday I play "Vanna" Nolan at the Richard Schmid Auction, displaying the artwork to the crowd, to raise funds for the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department here in Colorado. I did this last year and had a blast! Also have a painting in the auction -- "Capitol Reef Flowers".

"Tulip Bouquet", 11"x11" measured edge to edge glass, painting on glass, sold framed as shown, $360 + $14.95 domestic shipping

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