Friday, November 21, 2008

Time For Thanks!

As you must know, art sales, as well as all sales, appear to be on the decline at this time... Therefore, I'm announcing on my blogs that all of the artworks shown on my website are discounted 25% through December 15th, 2008. My glass paintings are sold framed as noted and pastels, along with palette knife oil paintings, are sold unframed, but are all original paintings. Shipping prices will need to be determined per order, however, as each piece of art weighs a different amount.

No prints can be discounted, unfortunately, but may still be purchased at Fine Print Collection (.com) if you are interested.

Thanks for your interest. Paypal is encouraged for payment, as it's easy to do and quick. Please contact me at for further information.


Atul Pande said...

Karla: Love the colors in this piece. Nice.

Karla Nolan said...

Atul, what can I say? I'm spoiled by the region in which I live!


Karla Nolan said...


Anonymous said...

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