Monday, July 27, 2009

"Orchids" by Karla Nolan, oil painting on canvas

I must boast. For a long time I have attempted to grow orchids. They usually survived approximately a month. Then they died. Now, mind you, I can grow bougainvillea indoors, maidenhair ferns, squirrel or rabbit's foot ferns, all sorts of somewhat exotic plants, including an eight foot ficus tree! Only recently have I learned how to properly grow orchids. There's a trick to it: neglect them! Pretend they aren't really there, water them only one time a week, give my bright light without direct sun -- and it works! I have now indulged in buying a second orchid, just in case my theory isn't completely correct -- and so far two orchids are thriving (okay, maybe that's strong!) in my breakfast room.

These orchids in my painting preceded my great success growing them -- painted in oil onto canvas, then measured 14"x11", are sold unframed for $300, Paypal preferred, click button below, or write me for more information at

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have been accepted by Dobbin Gallery, 175 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina, for representation in their art gallery with paintings on glass, pastels, oils and table jewelry. Please visit their gallery when in town! It's a lovely place.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Make sure you take a moment and visit my newest blogspot: This site has miniature sculptures consisting of seashells, semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals. Very fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Great bling, schmaltz, sparkle for your tables!!!

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