Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Yellow Water Lilies in Yellowstone National Park" by Karla Nolan, framed painting on glass

ALERT: You are about to view art of a different nature. These are paintings on glass -- that is, painted directly onto glass with specially formulated glass paints. They are always framed for the protection of the glass. The paints often are transparent and sometimes opaque, giving a stained glass appearance under good light. They, like all fine art, should not be hung in direct sunlight. The photographs do not do them justice -- my colors are very vibrant. Close ups are available, just e-mail me for information (see below). In most instances, click on the actual image for an even larger image to view -- you'll see lots of different items such as marbelization, transparent or opaque parts of the work -- try it and see! Commissions are accepted.

Well, this was certainly an adventure! Last summer we went to Yellowstone National Park. There was much to see in the way of wildlife, of course, geyers, mineralized pools, and, astonishingly, these yellow water lilies. Now I've been to Hawaii and seen water lilies there and, naturally, we can even buy them are the nursery and grow them in our lovely state of Colorado. But I certainly never even remotely anticipated seeing them in Yellowstone! I'm glad I did and plan to paint a companion piece to this one, simply because it was so much fun to paint this one!

"Yellow Water Lilies in Yellowstone National Park", framed painting on glass, 11"x14" measured edge to edge glass, framed for the protection of the glass, $495 includes s&h in N. America; Paypal preferred, click button below or write me for more information at


I am the featured artist at Meko's Art Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins -- First Friday Gallery Walk, May 7th -- come and join us!
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Wild Hands Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, has invited me to be the featured artist in June! Details to follow....
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My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order if you're so on box below for preview....

Paintings on glass,...
By Karla Nolan

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I posted items in Karla Nolan Table Jewelry and Karla Nolan Judaica recently. You might enjoy checking those blogspots. Special treats for special people and times -- Judaica art and miniature encrusted with shells, crystals, and semi-precious stones sculptures.
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The Brigham Galleries on-line auction website is almost finished! Check back with my blogspot for more information.


Meko's Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins, Colorado
EsScentuals, 142 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado
Grand Lake Art Gallery, Grand Lake, Colorado
Shelby Lee Gallery, 175 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina


Karla Nolan

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