Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Shalom Bayit -- Shalom in the Home" by Karla Nolan, FRAMED glass painting

ALERT: You are about to view art of a different nature. These are paintings on glass -- that is, painted directly onto glass with specially formulated glass paints. They are always framed for the protection of the glass. The paints often are transparent and sometimes opaque, giving a stained glass appearance under good light. They, like all fine art, should not be hung in direct sunlight. The photographs do not do them justice -- my colors are very vibrant. Close ups are available, just e-mail me for information (see below). In most instances, click on the actual image for an even larger image to view -- you'll see lots of different items such as marbelization, transparent or opaque parts of the work -- try it and see! Commissions are accepted.

The very idea of peace in the home seems to be an alien idea for some people, I hear. Wouldn't it be so sad to grow up in a dysfunctional abode where people fight day and night, where there is such tragedy or trauma, where one doesn't have a sense of well being? I don't have that background, luckily, but have met those who do. Fortunately, I grew up with unconditional love -- some say this can't be so, but it is true to my way of thinking -- my mother was from Colorado, the southeastern corner of it -- pioneer family! My father escaped Nazi Germany, losing almost all of his immediate and extended family, just for being Jewish. Putting the two people together, with such diverse upbringing and background could made for a bit of chaos. But I feel very strongly that because of their different backgrounds and of the times in which they grew up, they emphasized the bond that family should have. I have tried to do the same, along with my husband, with my family. And I am eternally grateful to my parents for all the loved that has been shown to me and my siblings.

"Shalom Bayit -- Peace in the Home", framed glass painting, 5"x7" edge to edge glass, $125, Paypal preferred, s&h included in N. America; click button below or write me at KarlaNolan@gmail.com for more information. Thanks so much for looking!!!!


The Brigham Galleries on-line auction is now up and running! Go to The Brigham Galleries -- I have four paintings in this auction, good deals abound! First auction is scheduled for April 16-22, 2010.

I am the featured artist at Meko's Art Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins -- First Friday Gallery Walk, May 7th -- come and join us!
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Wild Hands Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, has invited me to be the featured artist in their monthly gallery walk, Thursday, June 17th. If you are anywhere near Jackson, stop by and say hello, okay?
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I was invited to participate in the "Landscaped" exhibition in Graffia Gallery, Spring Lake, Michigan during the month of May 2010. Two of my artworks will be in the show, both are sunsets; one is "Quintessential Sunset", a glass painting, and the other is "Smoldering Sunset", a palette knife oil painting. Stop in if you are in the area. Thanks.
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My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order if you're so inclined...click on box below for preview....

Paintings on glass,...
By Karla Nolan

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I posted items in Karla Nolan Table Jewelry and Karla Nolan Judaica recently. You might enjoy checking those blogspots. Special treats for special people and times -- Judaica art and miniature encrusted with shells, crystals, and semi-precious stones sculptures.
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Meko's Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins, Colorado
EsScentuals, 142 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado
Grand Lake Art Gallery, Grand Lake, Colorado
Shelby Lee Gallery, 175 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina



Karla Nolan

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