Friday, May 14, 2010

"Wild Hibiscus" by Karla Nolan, palette knife oil painting on canvas

I saw this flower in Hawaii a number of years ago on the Road to Hana. This road is a very famous one, curvy, twisty, up and down, lots of loops and switchbacks -- I should call it the road to getting carsick, as I did! Anyway....this wild hibiscus beckoned to me, flirting with my camera, come and take my photograph! I obliged the dear plant, positioned myself in the best manner possible, and promptly fell upon my tush into mud! What we artists do in the name of "art"!

"Wild Hibiscus", 12"x9" unframed palette knife oil painting on canvas panel, $215 includes s&h in N. America, Paypal preferred, click button below or write me for more information at and thank you for looking!


The Brigham Galleries on-line auction is now up and running! Go to The Brigham Galleries -- I have four paintings in this auction, good deals abound!

I am the featured artist at Meko's Art Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins -- First Friday Gallery Walk, May 7th through the end of the month -- come and join us!
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The Link Gallery in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as invited me in as a new artist -- I will be at the gallery on Thursday, May 13th to meet you, should you be able to get to the gallery, right next to the Capitol. I'm very excited to have been approached by Rebecca and Mike for representation.
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Wild Hands Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, has invited me to be the featured artist in their monthly gallery walk, Thursday, June 17th. If you are anywhere near Jackson, stop by and say hello, okay?

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I was invited to participate in the "Landscaped" exhibition in Graffia Gallery, Spring Lake, Michigan during the month of May 2010. Two of my artworks will be in the show, both are sunsets; one is "Quintessential Sunset", a glass painting, and the other is "Smoldering Sunset", a palette knife oil painting. Stop in if you are in the area. Thanks.
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My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb! Take a sneak peek and place your order if you're so on box below for preview....

Paintings on glass,...
By Karla Nolan

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I posted items in Karla Nolan Table Jewelry and Karla Nolan Judaica recently. You might enjoy checking those blogspots. Special treats for special people and times -- Judaica art and miniature encrusted with shells, crystals, and semi-precious stones sculptures.
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Meko's Gallery, 222 Linden Street, Fort Collins, Colorado
EsScentuals, 142 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado
Grand Lake Art Gallery, Grand Lake, Colorado
Shelby Lee Gallery, 175 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina

Wild Hands Art Gallery, 265 West Pearl Street. Jackson, Wyoming
Common Ground Western Art, 3 North Broadway, Red Lodge, Montana
The Link Gallery, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Perez Fine Art Galleries (on-line international art gallery)


Karla Nolan


Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This is a nice piece.
The story too.

seesa said...

Being inspired byJ.M.W. Turner, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Cezanne Karla Nolan is an amazing artist. She paints to capture treasured moments, for serenity and solace, to produce bright colorful pleasing artwork. I love her paintings that she produces on glass . Inspired by an Italian master, she recreates such beauty on glass: the smooth surface, the transparency of the glass, the sheen, and glimmer shows through each painting. You must have to be a very patience artist to produce work on glass. Being an artist myself I don’t know if I would have the patience to work on glass but I would love to give it a try and see what I can produce. Her other work is just as beautiful. She paints from nature and finds beauty in everything she paints. It is so nice to see an artist that finds beauty in this world and paints it. Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses and appreciate what nature has given us.


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