Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowy Peaks, painting on glass

Here in Colorado, we are living under the cloud of deceit. Mother Nature is playing tricks on us! It is early February and springtime outside? Sixty degrees Fahrenheit. b What gives? It's supposed to be snowing and I can't even blame this on global warming, as, for as long as I can remember (being the native of Colorado that I am), February always has warm spells. The lure, the promise of warmer weather! Spring time beckons. The ground hog was wrong. Well, I know better. We'll be hit again with the flaky white stuff that falls from the clouds above. Winter lasts into April and even May in this gorgeous state, so I dedicate this painting to Mama Nature -- 'cause I know what's really around the corner: snow.

"Snowy Peaks", 8"x10" edge to edge glass, sold in a simple black frame to protect the artwork, available at Wild Hands Art Gallery, Jackson, Wyoming (

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