Thursday, May 7, 2009

"The Four Irises" (Iris number three) by Karla Nolan, framed painting on glass, incl. s&h in N. America

Today I present to you the third iris of four: and, again, Happy Mother's Day to you! Out in our sweet garden, a new iris has bloomed, this one a plucky yellow one....What a subtle scent irises have -- and they come in so many colors. As I have mentioned previously, I find them to be almost impossible to paint some days. But I feel that I had a good couple of days with this painting....I've been showing the entire painting with one close up per day for the four days for your perusal. Don't glass paintings are combination of transparent, translucent, sometimes a bit shimmering, and have an opaque element to them, also. Reminiscent of stained glass, at times. They are shipped already framed (always) to protect the glass and save you money and time, too!

"The Four Irises", framed painting on glass, 10"x22" edge to edge glass, sold framed in black, Paypal preferred, $675 includes s&h in North America, e-mail me at for more information

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