Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Wild Oleander in the Foothills of Spain" by Karla Nolan, framed painting on glass, s&h incl. in N. America

My one and only trip to Spain was in 1997. It was hot and dry, there were sunflowers all over the place -- to be honest, I thought I'd fallen asleep and awakened in Kansas! My husband loves to travel extensively when we're fortunate enough to travel to a foreign land, so we made it to Cordoba, Marbella, Granada, the white hill towns near Andalucia....we usually put on hundreds of miles in our rental cars!

There was an area that he wanted to visit, an ancient cave, so we made our way there. On the drive I saw oleander, wild, growing everywhere. If you go to California or other very warm environs, I know you see it sprouting along the side of the roads -- but this was wild in the foothills. What a wonderful sight! Here you can see my interpretation....sort of abstracted, as I really got into it....

"Wild Oleander in the Foothills of Spain", painting on glass,14"x18" measured edge to edge glass, sold framed as shown, ready to hang, Paypal preferred, s&h included in North American, write or for more information


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