Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Cliffs at Dingle, Ireland II"

I received an inquiry from a young lady recently -- she had seen my artwork on-line and liked it (which, of course, I do encourage -- viewing and liking!).  Her grandmother had passed away and left some palette knife oil paintings which she liked, as did her sister.  So, I was commissioned by her to recreate a 12"x16" palette knife oil painting, sizing it down to an 8"x10" artwork.  The smaller one would be more affordable, of course, and a standard size is easy to frame.  You can see the end result above -- I e-mailed her a photo of the finished work, she was pleased, and now this piece of art is on its way to her sister!  Yaay!  

Commissions can be a challenge to create -- the client and the artist need to stay in touch -- but are also a fun challenge and painting a different size image from the originally view piece of art is like reliving a couple of memories -- reviewing the flower, landscape, skies, whatever the subject may be and then reliving the original act of painting again, but to a different scale.  I recommend it!  

"Cliffs at Dingle, Ireland II", 8"x10" palette knife oil painting on linen, SOLD, but you can contact me for something similar, should you like!

Thanks for looking!

Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado!

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