Sunday, January 27, 2013

"The Vastness of Where My Loved Ones Are", palette knife oil painting

Another nocturnal painting.  This one is in honor and memory of my loved ones, be they relative or friends -- when I go outside at night here in the northern part of Colorado, I often see many, many stars, all shades of pink, white, yellow, even lavender, and they are twinkling and winking at me -- I know that my loved ones, whom I miss so much, are there in the night.

"The Vastness of Where My Loved Ones Are", 9"x12" unframed palette knife oil painting on gesso board, $215 includes s/h in the continental U.S., Paypal accepted (click button below) or write me at for more information

Thank you for viewing my art works....

Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado!

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