Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Inspired by the Hydrangeas of Wales", unframed palette knife oil painting

Yes, I AM part Welsh!  My mother's family came from a tiny town near Aberystwyth, a university town, and my husband, two daughters and I have been to visit our distant relatives, one time meeting my father there, also, he loved the Welsh relatives...with good reason.  Whilst there (don't I sound fancy!), I had the pleasure of viewing many beautifully hued hydrangeas blooming in a garden in Tenby, in the month of July, no less.  It was much cooler than we had anticipated, the weather was much like that of Scotland, cool, misty, foggy, and green, with a great deal of sheep and lambs about..  I loved it!  And my relatives there are wonderful, I hope we do get to see them again.  (I am also Jewish, so you can imagine how difficult life is with the native languages, Hebrew and Welsh, virtually impossible for me to learn either.  Oh well.)  

"Inspired by the Hydrangeas of Wales", 11"x14" unframed palette knife oil painting on gesso board, $300 includes s/h in continental U.S., click Paypal button below or write me at KarlaNolan@gmail.com for more information


Thanks for viewing my art!  Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado

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