Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Four Irises,(the second iris), framed painting on glass, incl. s&h in N. America

The second iris of four: Happy Mother's Day to you! Irises are just beginning to open up here in Colorado -- and none too soon for my taste! They are the loveliest flowers, so many colors -- and near impossible to paint some days. Luckily I had a good couple of days with this painting....I'm showing the entire painting with one close up per day for the next four days for your perusal. Have fun!

"The Four Irises", framed painting on glass, 10"x22" edge to edge glass, sold framed in black, Paypal preferred, $675 includes s&h in North America, e-mail me at for more information

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Cheryl Quist said...

My daughter is having a baby boy sometime late this month - in Manitou Springs. I'm heading down there Saturday [from Calgary] and I can't wait to see the baby AND the flowers. I've been to a garden in west CS and WOW the irises are amaging!

I love the stained glass look of this painting. Beautiful!


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