Monday, August 11, 2008

From My Front Door, oil/canvas palette knife painting

I can sort of feel fall in the air. It's not time yet. That I know. But in the mornings, it's cooled down a bit. The days are shortening just slightly. I keep thinking it's mid-summer but that's just because I have been so busy! Hard to keep track of the time sometimes!

Autumn brings November. November brings dramatic sunsets. I remember this particular dusk -- it was glorious. And all from my front door! Living by the foothills of the Rockies doesn't hurt any sunset and going out into the street to capture the sunset is a privilege I never thought I'd have. Enjoy the view!

"Front My Front Door", 9"x12" oil on canvas, sold unframed for $220 + $14.95 shipping domestically


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