Friday, October 9, 2015

"Italy: Cypress and Poppies" by Karla Nolan, watercolor and ink painting

Fond memories of Italy again, irresistible!  I cannot speak the Italian language except for basic phrases (grazie, prego, bellissima) and, while I can remember an occasional phrase for a short while, I have all but given up learning this Latin based lingo.  However, my friend Patrizia is encouraging me to learn a bit more and I'm enjoying a book or two written by Tim Parks (an English gentleman who has lived and worked in Italy for 30 years) in which I can pick up a phrase here and there.  The moral of this story:  (1) never give up on learning something new and (2) visit Italy, for goodness sakes, do you know what you are missing?

"Italy: Cypress and Poppies", 7"x5" watercolor and ink painting matted in an off-white 8"x10" mat, contact me at for more information, Paypal accepted

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