Friday, January 11, 2013

"More Papaveri", framed painting on glass

Complete in a simple wire black frame, all you have to do is nail a hole in your wall and you have a bouquet of red poppies, also known as "papaveri" (Italian) or "coquelicot" (French).  It is a gray day here in Colorado, the snow has flurried and stuck (!) and I found my poppies are about the only thing keeping my spirits up today!  I love to nap on these days, no sun -- which, of course, is not the most practical way to accomplish my tasks and chores.  Luckily I live in Colorado, where the sun shines, on the average, 300 days a year.  The other 65 or 66 -- well, that's when you paint and you view the flowers! 

"More Papaveri", framed painting on glass, 8"x10" measured edge to edge glass (11"x13" overall), available at Wild Hands Art Gallery, Jackson, Wyoming (

And....thanks for looking! 

Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado!

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