Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Mystery", UNFRAMED miniature palette knife oil painting on linen panel

I'll need you to use your imagination a bit here -- you can see the actual unframed painting of night skies, "Mystery", at the top of this blog and then an example of a framed painting with the same painting.  Please pretend that the matting is a linen mat -- I didn't have one the correct size on hand -- and you can see how a miniature painting can increase to more of a presence.  

We are so close to winter now, the darkness arrives so early, what really is in the sky above?  It's just a mystery to me!

"Mystery", 4"x6" miniature palette knife oil painting on linen panel, $48 includes s/h in continental U.S., click Paypal button below or write me at for more information

Thanks for viewing my art!  Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado

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