Friday, April 10, 2009

Three Sisters, Arches National Monument, Utah, framed painting on glass

What can I say about Utah? It is dramatic. It is colorful. It has blue skies and red rocks. Canyons. Arches. Arroyos. Desert. Maybe Mars resembles Utah -- all dramatic and such, a different type of landscape. I love it there!

"Three Sisters, Arches National Monument, Utah", framed painting on glass, 14"x11" edge to edge glass, sold framed as shown, $450 includes s&h in North America, e-mail me at for more information

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Loriann Signori said...

Hi Karla! your work is beautiful and your passion for creating is strong. I have chosen you to receive the painting with passion award. To accept find 7 other people whose dedication to create is an inspiration and award them. Check my blog for specifics.
Congratulations for all you do!


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