Friday, November 16, 2012

"Lily Pad Progress" by Karla Nolan, palette knife, brush oil painting

A number of years ago I painted "Poppy Progress" in pastel.  This depicted the early stages of the poppy pod, on to the bud stage just before the flower opened, and then the fully opened poppy itself.  I decided to try this again, but in a more complex layout.  This time the subject is:  lily pads.

My husband and I traveled to Maui a number of years ago and addition to touring the Road to Hana, going to a luau, and being touristy, we also visited a tropical garden.  This was my very first viewing of lily pads and, although I have painted them onto glass, I don't believe I ever attempted to paint them in oil.  I must say, it was a very difficult, challenging task but, as it came together over many hours, I feel that it worked.  Yaay!  

"Lily Pad Progress", 12"x16" palette knife, brush, oil painting on gessoed panel, $385 plus s/h to be determined, write me at for more information.  Thanks for looking!  


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