Monday, December 3, 2012

"Lobelia in Terra Cotta, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem" by Karla Nolan

Back to Jerusalem in May.  Yemin Moshe is the section of the city in which we stayed and it's a floral paradise, especially in the spring before it becomes very hot.  I walked around, camera in hand, ready to document all of the beautiful foliage I saw.  Lobelia tend to attract me, especially, probably due to the range of colors available and I saw all the hues there were!  The old stones on the walkways and the exterior of the dwellings only added to the lush effect.  The people living in this area take great pride in their container gardens and olive trees and bougainvillea also abound.  Avissar House, our studio apartment for the better part of a week, is a seven minute walk to Jaffa Gate and I would truly urge you to make the trip to this historic part of the world!   

"Lobelia in Terra Cotta, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem", unframed 12"x16" palette knife and brush oil painting on panel, $385 plus s/h to be determined at time of sale, see Paypal button below or write me at for more information

As always, thanks for looking!

Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado!

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