Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Crackling Sky", miniature palette knife oil painting

I can almost smell it in the air, springtime is around the corner, although you may not believe it today in my part of the woods -- it's gray and cloudy but warmer than it has been -- I'm just waiting for the sky to open up with rain, get a few bolts of lightning up there, roar of thunder.  Of course, I am jumping the gun, the official date is three weeks away for the season change and here in Colorado, the real date may as well be May.  I am such a dreamer!  (The top photo is the original painting, the bottom is an example of it framed.)

"Crackling Sky", unframed 4"x4" miniature palette knife oil painting on gesso board, $48 includes s/h in continental U.S., click Paypal button below or write me at for more information

Thanks for viewing my art!  Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado

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