Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peek A Boo Iris, palette knife oil painting

Spring must be around the corner, it just has to be! I am so ready to see fresh flowers rising from the ground -- crocus, daffodil, forsythia, iris, whatever! While I like florist shops just fine, there's nothing quite like walking outside and being surprised daily by what is springing forth from the ground.

This is a palette knife oil painting, no brushes to muddy up my colors here. You should try it sometime -- put aside those brushes, just use knives for cleaning the palette or for painting. It's hard but fun!

"Peek A Boo Iris", palette knife oil painting on canvas, 7"x5" sold unframed, $60 ($50 for the painting, $10 for s&h) Paypal, e-mail me at for more information

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