Friday, February 6, 2009

Red Mountain II, palette knife oil painting

I'm repeating the blog text from February 5th because the story is the same. The location of the painting is close by my previous painting, "Red Mountain I".

Red Mountain is located in the southwestern portion of the state of Colorado. Close by are Ouray, Silverton, and Durango. Mesa Verde, where the Anasazi cliff dwellers lived centuries ago, isn't far from these small towns. It's a fascinating part of the state, one frequented by tourists, but you can still get a sense of solitude.

The infamous Million Dollar Highway is also located nearby. When I was younger and my mother was alive, she told me about the time that a high school basketball team, I believe, was on a bus travelling either to or from a game and the brakes went out. The athletes on the bus had to shift from one side of the bus to the other, in order for the bus to stay on the road, rather than go over the very steep enbankment. It's a harrowing drive the first time you're on this road! Terrifying, as if you are in the passenger seat going south, the only thing you see is "down" -- no shoulder to speak of, just straight down.

've been down to this part of Colorado many times, loving it each time we go. Just so, so beautiful! I hope I've captured a bit of it for you, this time in oil. This the sequel to my other painting, "Red Mountain I".

"Red Mountain II", unframed 11"x14" palette knife oil painting on canvas, $315 includes s&h in North America, Paypal preferred, e-mail me at for more information or with questions

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