Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tranquility, palette knife oil painting

Once in a while, it's just plain old peaceful in the sky, at dusk, twilight, sunset. I played and played with this painting -- tiny little palette knives here on the canvas. Had a great time making it, too!

I love the volatility of colors in the Rocky Mountain sunsets much of the time -- but sometimes you just need to give it a rest. The sky does that, anyway, so I played it all down -- and had a lovely time doing so. Serenity. Peace. Quiet. Something we all need occasionally. I don't necessary thrive on it, but when it happens, I appreciate it. Tranquility.

"Tranquility", 11"X14", palette knife oil painting on canvas, $315 includes s&h ($300 for the painting, $15 for the s&h) Paypal, e-mail me at for more information

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