Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adobe and Crabtree, Santa Fe Spring, pastel painting

There is one simple fact here: I love Santa Fe. I have loved this unique town since 1973, when I lived in New Jersey and my husband and I traveled to the West to visit my relatives and see the sights. The first time I had real green chili, I almost died. Drank a gallon of milk following that episode (okay, so I exaggerate a bit!). Saw adobe, hanging ristras, Canyon Road, Taos reservation. I could go on and on.

My dear friend, Kate, and I traveled to Santa Fe two springs ago and, lo and behold, this lovely crabapple was in full bloom against my beloved adobe. It just seemed to epitomize all the best of this town to me, so it's my visual gift to you.

"Adobe and Crabtree, Santa Fe Spring", 12"x16 pastel painting, sold unframed; Paypal preferred, $410 includes s&h, e-mail me at for more information


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