Friday, January 9, 2009

Lovin' Pansies, painting on glass

I've always been taken with the color cobalt blue. This painting originated around that color. I wanted to combine it as a pot color with a delightful little flower, the pansy. Years ago, I owned a pressed and dried flower business and the pansies were the easiest and most reliable flowers to press. So between one of my favorite colors for potted plants in the garden (very few true blue flowers out there, so it adds a nice touch) and one of my favorite flowers to press, voila, this painting! An ode to color and form, if you will!

"Lovin' Pansies", 10"X8" edge to edge glass, sold in a simple black frame (not shown), as these paintings must be protected from scratches and chips and are more secure once they are in a frame -- new pricing: $200 + $14.95 s&h (also, see close up on my website)


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