Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Peacock: Old Bent's Fort, Colorado, Resident, glass painting

The Peacock, Resident of Old Bent's Fort, Colorado, has intriqued me for years. I first saw this resident, quite a noble creature, at Bent's Fort near La Junta, Colorado, about ten years ago. He was strutting his stuff big time! Oooh, love that tail!!!!

Old Bent's Fort is an historical restoration of an actual fort here in the West. It's dry, dusty, but sturdy. There's an actual covered wagon out front and adobe all around. I think it's worth the trip to see, but my daughters, aged 14 and 11 at the time, didn't agree. Maybe next time, huh, kids?

This is a painting on glass, full of luminiscence and vibrancy, but you should really study the close ups to see that. A bit reminiscent of stained glass but this you simply hang on the wall to see.

"The Peacock, Resident of Old Bent's Fort, Colorado", 14"x18" measured edge to edge glass, sold framed as shown, $770 including shipping/handling, e-mail for more information and images


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